The biggest tip I learned from planning my own wedding

It is the worst when you have to learn something by doing it the hard way or figuring it out after wasting time and or money. Well listen up because I don’t want any time or money wasted on you and your wedding day.

My biggest tip I can give to you is to READ EVERYTHING!! Read every single contract & quote you receive from venues and vendors. It might be boring and a little more time consuming, but it will save you so much more in the end.

A few quick tips when reading through all of these contracts.

  1. Keep track of your due dates.

    Some vendors have been known to add on late fees if your payment is not submitted to them with a certain time frame. You already have a thousand expenses, you don’t need to add late fees to your budget as well.

My suggestion would be to go ahead and mark your calendars with payment reminders as soon as you book a vendor. This way you know when the payments are due and don’t have to go back through contracts to remind yourself.

2. Know your cancellation period and fees.

This is a big one especially if you are unsure of the vendor in the first place. You don’t want to find a caterer and book them to then find out your husband’s best friend is an amazing caterer but now you are locked in to paying at least 25% of the bill because they took that date off of their calendar for you. So look and triple check before signing, especially if you are not 100% sold on them yet.

3. Be sure you read the fine print.

Things can sometimes be thrown in and if you are not paying attention to everything you may miss something and it could be a costly one.

Here are just a few of the things I noticed wrong with some of my quotes and contracts:

  • I noticed that my wedding date was incorrect for my catering company and man would that be a bummer if one of the most important elements like food was mixed up on your wedding day

  • Another vendor had on there the wrong delivery date for rental items

  • The venue I booked had my final quote incorrect, the tax laws changed during the time I booked my venue and the wedding date. The venue tried to back tax me on the amounts and deposit I had already paid for months before the law changed

  • The last one I have for you is when I was dealing with my florist. I saw that her total bill was too high for my budget and so I looked for ways to cut back on some of the items. Once I dove into the quote I realized that she wasn’t calculating the quote correctly and the total was suppose to be a lot lower than what was showing as the final number but unless I took the time to calculate every line item, I would have never noticed

All of these little mistakes were all honest mistakes, I know that we are all human and it is so easy to overlook or mistype something. This is why I am telling you so you can be prepared. If I look back at these mistakes and add them all up, man it ends up being a lot of money I would have given not even knowing something was just accidentally calculated incorrectly. So I hope this helps you and maybe even saves you some money as well.

Nisa Gonzalez