5 Tips You Should Know Before Sending Invitations to Your Guests

If you are like most of my clients you are probably wondering what important details do you need to know before sending out your invitations. This applies for Save The Dates and your Wedding Invitations.

First of all, Congratulations on your engagement! I am so happy for you and I hope you try to enjoy every minute of this beautiful time you are in.

Ok, now back to the reason you came here.. you are eager to know what things you should know before mailing your invitations. Girl, I have you covered and I made it easy, I broke it down into 5 easy tips for you.

1. Know Your Time Frames

This is a very important thing to know and also such a simple thing to forget when you are in the middle of planning all the other 187,000 details that go into planning your wedding.

SAVE THE DATES - If you are having a local wedding and most of the guests attending all live nearby, then you want to send your save the dates out about 8-10 months before the wedding. If you are making your guests travel at all then you want to send these out as soon as possible, I always tell my clients at least 12 months before the wedding date.

You want to give guests enough time to save up money if they will need to book hotels, and flights. If you want them to attend the wedding, you need to give them plenty of time to save up for it!

WEDDING INVITATIONS - The traditional time frame on these is 6-8 weeks before the wedding and I always suggest to send them out earlier! If it is a local wedding, I suggest to send them out 8-10 weeks before the wedding and if it is a destination wedding I suggest at least 14-15 weeks before the wedding date.

This gives your out of town guests plenty of time to book accommodations, flights, rental cars, etc. You always want to give plenty of time because as we all know, no one does anything as soon as they are told they should!

2. Household vs Guest Count

I get asked how many invitations should I purchase? My answer has two parts, so first off you want to be sure you are looking at your household count and not your guest count. What do I mean by this? You will not be sending an invitation to every single guest on your list,so you don’t want to look at your guest count. You only need to send 1 invitation per household.

Unless the children in the house are older than 18 than you can send one to them as well, that is up to you. I usually say if they still live in the house then only send one, but if they have their own place then they should receive one for themselves. So remember household not actual guest count.

3. Extra, Extra, Extra

My second answer to the question, how many invitations should I purchase is to always purchase extras. You may think that your guest list is final and once you send out all the invites you realize you left someone out or three. Also be sure to save yourself one of each piece for a keepsake.

I also like to suggest getting an extra set of each piece for your photographer so they can photographer all of the pieces on the wedding day with all of your added details. Such as your earrings, perfume, shoes and of course that gorgeous wedding ring of yours!

It is also nice to give your wedding coordinator or planner a set if they are helping you select linens and decorations for the wedding day. This way they know what your vision is through your stationery pieces and can help you make choices that bring a cohesive look to your wedding day.

4. Double & Triple Check Everything

I can not stress this enough! Double and triple check all of the details on each of the pieces that go out to guests. Be sure to check the spelling, the wording, and even spacing on every item. Sometimes designers are so focused on the details of the design that they can make accidental mistakes and you do not want to get your printed invitations and notice that your name or wedding venue is spelled wrong.

Be sure to also confirm start times with your venue or wedding planner. I also like to suggest looking at the time the sunsets on your wedding day so you are sure to give yourself and your photographer plenty of time after the ceremony to get in your family, bridal party photos and the photos of you and your new hubby!

5. Think Ahead

If you think about your guests and what questions they may ask or things they might forget to bring, be sure to add it in on the details card, so they are prepared. If they need to pay for valet or if you have it paid for and they need a voucher from you to confirm payment, be sure to send it with the invitation.

If you know your guests will probably forget to write their names on the RSVP cards, I would suggest you number your guest list and place their number on the backside of their RSVP card in the corner. If they don’t put a name on the card, you can easily turn it over, look at their number and match it to your spreadsheet. Trust me, this happens all of the time!

So there you have it ladies! 5 things to know before sending out your invitations. I hope this was helpful for you and makes the stress of your wedding planning that much easier on you.