Are Wedding Ceremony Programs Necessary?

I get this question a lot from my clients. The truth is that even though I am a wedding stationery designer, I did not have wedding ceremony programs at my wedding.

You probably thought my answer would have been that Yes, you definitely need them, right? Well, I am not actually going to tell you that. I mean, sure I would love to add it to a package for you, but are they truly needed? Well, that answer is up to you!

When are ceremony programs needed:

  1. When you have a religious wedding

    Most of the time in traditional religious weddings your guests may need to recite hymns or sing along with a song. It would be very helpful to your guests if you provided a ceremony program that had the hymn or song written out for them. People like easy and this provides everything they need in one simple place.

  2. Knowing the Schedule of Events

    It is also a great hand out for your guests who want to know the schedule of events, know who your bridal party is that is walking down the aisle, how long the entire ceremony will take, etc.

  3. Using it as a Keepsake

    It is a great thing for people to use as a keepsake from your wedding. Some people like to hold on to something that has the couples name on it and their wedding date. To provide them with a ceremony that has these details as well as a schedule of events and who was all involved is a great reminder years down the road.

For traditional weddings, yes, you definitely want to have the ceremony programs as many of your guests and family members will most likely be expecting them. But if you plan to have a more modern wedding, you certainly can have them, but they are not required.

There you go ladies, my answer on the truth behind needing to know if ceremony programs are a necessity at your wedding. I hope this helps you if you were stuck between having them and not having them. Let me know below what you decided and bonus points if you share with us why you decided to have them or not have them.

Nisa Gonzalez