3 Things To Discuss Before You Begin Your Wedding Planning Process

I would love to tell you that the wedding planning process is one that is so easy and simple that you and your fiance will have a wonderful time planning it all out together, but the reality is that it may actually cause a few disagreements or arguments along the way.

That is why I want to give you my 3 things I think you should discuss before you dive into your wedding planning.

I want to help you make your wedding planning process as smooth as possible and to also help you learn from my mistakes.

  1. Let’s start with the thing that most people hate to talk about together in a relationship which is MONEY.

    You will want to sit down with your fiance and have the talk about where the money will be coming from for your wedding. Will the two of you be paying for the entire thing or will one or both of your parents be able to contribute? Do you still believe in old ways and traditions that the bride's family pays for the wedding day and the groom’s family pays for the rehearsal dinner and honeymoon?

    It’s not always the easiest discuss to have but you really want to get realistic on how much you can afford to save for the wedding before you even begin to think about where to have it and who to invite.

  2. Once you discuss the budget you then want to talk through your EXPECTATIONS for your wedding day.

    What are you envisioning will happen on your wedding day? Do each of you want the same things and have the same ideas? Do you want a beach or rustic wedding or maybe even a very romantic or elegant wedding? Do you want to elope or do you want all of your friends and family there? Do you want to have a DJ or do you prefer a live band for entertainment?

    These are all things the two of you will want to discuss before the other one starts ANY planning. You may think you want a romantic wedding and start looking and booking visits to go see a few venues but your fiance might prefer a beach wedding instead. You want to eliminate the confusion and disarray early on in the process so you don’t start working out an entire theme only to learn that your time and energy is wasted because  your fiance was envisioning something completely different.

  3. While you discuss the expectations you will also want to ask your fiance HOW involved he or she wants to be in the decision making process.

    You will be very surprised to learn that your fiance may actually want to be heavily involved in the process which can be a good and a bad thing. You may have to compromise on things you thought he wouldn’t even care about.

    I thought my fiance would be happy with anything I decided to do, but little did I know he would want to be involved in even the smallest of details. I mean I get it, it is his wedding too and we should be grateful that they want to help us so we don’t have to carry all of the stress and worry on our shoulders but it is something you will never know until you ASK.